Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm a slacker

It's been a while since my last blog entry. Sorry. It's a combination of being busy at work and just sheer laziness. There hasn't been a ton going on with me or the babies, but we did have a scare last week. ***Warning - there is much TMI ahead***

Last Monday I noticed some pink spotting after a rather, um, strenuous bowel movement. Of course, I get nervous but remind myself it could just be nothing. I called the OB and was kind of blown off by the nurse - "It's just from the straining. Call back if it gets worse." Because I can't just sit and wait, I go back to the bathroom 20 minutes later and check on the spotting. It's still there, and it's definitely coming from the vaginal area. So I call the OB back and thankfully get a different nurse, and I have an appointment scheduled later that afternoon. I call Brian and he is immediately researching bleeding at 11 weeks and what the chances are of this being something serious. (I absolutely love my numbers-researching, analytical engineer of a husband :) )

The good news, is everything turned out OK. The nurse practitioner did an exam and said everything looked fine, cervix was closed and the uterus felt normal. She said it was a burst blood vessel in my cervix, exacerbated by the straining. Pheww! I got an ultrasound as well, just to sure, and everything was great! She said this is very common, and any number of things such as sex or a difficult BM can cause spotting.

So now in addition to being nervous about everything else on earth, pooping is now considered a dangerous activity. The only good thing is that lately, it's not too frequent a threat. Who knew constipation could actually work in my favor?

...even me. And everybody needs a place to let it out. My blog about trying to have a baby, loss, and life in general.